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Shopping On A Budget: 5 Boxes for £5

Its safe to say that these past few months have been a strange time for everyone. Have you lost motivation while on lockdown trying to work from home? Has your self-care routine gone out the window? Are you going to miss out on celebrating birthays due to social restrictions? Well we have the solution for you. 

We have come up with 5 different box ideas costing no more than £5 for you to enjoy or send to someone else as a gift for pick me ups, relaxation and celebrations.

Snack Box

Total £4.70

This snack box can be sent to anyone; as a thank you, a well done or just because. Show your friends a family you care by sending them some delicious treats. Or even make one for yourself, you deserve it!

Stationery Box

Total £5

This stationary box is perfect for anyone that has gone back to school, work or even started university. Keep everything organised in the cute little notebook, helping you and your friends be more productive at work. 

Motivational Box

Total £4.50

Working from home has not been the easiest for everyone. Whether you have struggled to keep motivated through lockdown or know someone that could do with some motivation, we have the perfect box idea. These items include motivational quotes that guarantee that pick-me-up that we all need. Sending them to a friend in need will lighten up their day making them feel so much better. Improving their mindset will help them become more productive in their work. 

Beauty Box

Total £4.80

Self-care is so important, especially after a stressful day. Going back to work or working from home can be stressful for everyone. Build yourself a bueaty box to unwind and relax after a stressful daybat work. If there is someone that you know that needs to relax, send them a beauty box to do just that!

Birthday Box

Total £4.70

Are you going to miss out on celebrating a friend’s birthday due to social restrictions? Why not send them a birthday box to celebrate at home. This is perfect to tell someone that you love and miss them on their birthday, especially if you can’t see them right now. 

We hope the suggestions above give you some inspiration to put your boxes together for a special occasion. The beauty of our brand is that you can tailor the contents to suit the person you are sending to – including dietary requirements. If you need any help were always available on Instagram too!

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