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New Year Boxes

We hope that you have had a great start to the new year. 2022 is all about reaching them goals and being the best version of yourself. Our new year boxes will help you do just that!

Mini Vegan Box

If you have started the new year off with Veganuary, we have the perfect little gift box for you. Our mini vegan box is a perfect little treat to help you get through the month, while also sticking to your goals. This box includes:

  • Happy Bears
  • I Love Chocolate snack
  • Clipper Tea x2
  • Dinosaur Notebook

Celebrate Box

This year will be one to celebrate. If you want to celebrate early, or the vision of your best self, then our celebrate box is just for you! This box includes:

  • Prosecco Bears
  • Womankind Pukka Tea
  • Now You’re Ready To Face The World Face Masks
  • Pink Spots Nail File
  • Clipper Hot Chocolate

Lead from the Front

If you are all about achieving your goals and being the most successful version of yourself this year, then have a look at our Lead From The Front box. This gift box will help you to look and feel fabulous while achieving all your goals. The products in this box are:

  • That’s when I fell for the leader, deep conditioning hair pack
  • Purrfect Ideas, set of 2 notebooks
  • Blue Rainbow Nail File
  • Happy Bears

Rainbow Luck Box

And if you want all the luck in the world to make this year a good one, then our Rainbow Luck box is perfect for you. These small gifts will help you to stay positive and calm, to make this year the best it can be. It includes:

  • Pink Rainbow Notebook
  • Be Kind Rainbow Keyring
  • Smile Everyday Rainbow Compact Mirror
  • Feel New Pukka Tea
  • Anti-Stress Balm

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