Lockdown Limbo – Don’t forget those things you wanted to do

If you’re anything like us you may be feeling a bit like you are in lockdown limbo now. We know why we are doing this and fully support the process but it doesn’t make it feel any less frustrating. The little things are starting to feel bigger, the lows are starting to feel a bit lower and the food shopping is feeling incredibly repetitive.

To try and help we wanted to first make it clear that you are not the only ones feeling this way! And we put together 5 activities you can do through lockdown that you probably said you would but haven’t and maybe now is the time?

  1. That Jigsaw you got for Christmas

They seemed like a good idea, then you had a go and got very frustrated. Perhaps the cat decided to ‘help’? But get that jigsaw back out and persist. The feeling of achievement when you have finished is amazing. The only problem is getting yourself to break it up at the end.

2. The To Be Read Pile

We all have one, whether they are piled on your bedside table or already in your bookshelf. Make the most of the (hopefully) last of the cold weather and curl up with that book you told yourself you would read. Our eyes have been amazed since we started out sister company https://brewandbook.co.uk at how many Instagram accounts are dedicated to books!

3. Perfect That Bath

Another one before we are blessed with a scorching summer (shhh don’t burst my bubble) – get that bathing ritual down to a fine art. Think of your bath as your cauldron of spells to relax or invigerate you for the next few hours. Again Instagram has so much inspiration and theres always our mini rubber ducks at https://bathandbubbles.co.uk to keep you company.

4. Get those walking/running shoes on

We all did it… we said to someone that Lockdown would be a great time to try out that Couch to 5k app. But then it got cold and well we just ate our feelings. Well its almost a year down the line and the temperature is starting to rise. Is this the time to try it out?

5. Keeping in Touch

It has been one of the main messages of Lockdown and we are extremely proud that we have sent to many packages from people that are to just let them know they aren’t alone and people are thinking of them. There is still time to organise a wine down Friday via zoom or a quiz between friends. There’s probably a few people on your radar sat there wishing they had been involved in things like that during lockdown – extending an invite could make someones day x