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Celebrate the New Year with Cocktails

Celebrating the new year doesn’t always have to involve alcohol. Our cocktail inspired products will help you celebrate in style, without suffering with a hangover the next day!

Cocktail Gummies

We have 4 amazing cocktail inspired gummies that are the perfect alcohol-free treat to kick off the new year. Our 4 flavours are:

  • Mojito Gummies
  • Amaretto Cherries
  • Gin and Tonic Gummies
  • Prosecco Bears

These 4 delicious flavours are a perfect little treat for the New Year!

But if you want to celebrate the new year with something that isn’t food, have a look at our cocktail inspired gift selection.

Gin and Prosecco Magnets

Our gin and prosecco magnets are the cutest little addition to your fridge. These include so many funny quotes such as ‘Knock knock, it’s gin o’clock’ and ‘I put the pro in prosecco’. They are also the prefect little celebration gift to send to someone.

And if you are obsessed with prosecco, here are some more prosecco themed gifts.

Prosecco Signs

These cute little decorations are a perfect little gift to yourself or one of your friends for the new year. They have amazing quotes such as ‘friends don’t let friends drink prosecco alone’ (which is so true!) and are even in the shape of mini prosecco glasses!

Prosecco Coasters

And if you liked all the quotes on these gifts, you will certainly like our prosecco coasters, which include ‘it’s prosecco time’ and ‘there’s too much tea in my prosecco’.

But if you do like to celebrate the new year with a drink or two, our prosecco bottle bags are a perfect go to item. Whether you are buying for yourself so you can arrive to a party in style, or are gifting them to a friend, these are an amazing item.

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